Was Tabriz on the Silk Road?

The city of Tabriz has been a center of cultural exchanges, trade and home to nobility since antiquity. It is home to the largest covered grand bazaar of the world and has been one of the most prominent commercial hubs on the ancient Silk Road.

Does visa and mastercard work in Iran?

Visa, MasterCard and all other major card processing and issuing companies do not work in Iran due to the sanctions imposed on Iran. Travellers should carry cash with them preferably USD, GBP and EURO. Please check the currency control laws of Iran prior to arrival in the country.

Can I take Persian carpets with me from Iran?

Inline with the Iranian customs law, each passenger can take a maximum of 20 square meters of Persian rugs/carpets from Iran. There is no limit to the number of rugs allowed as long as the total does not exceed the specified allowance. Persian rugs/carpets that are deemed antique or have a cultural significance are not allowed to be taken outside of the country.